Empty Land in Rexburg, ID

Location: Rexburg, ID

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The following is a comprehensive pro forma analysis projecting the potential opportunity and benefit of constructing a 72-unit, single student housing complex for BYU-Idaho students in Rexburg, Idaho. 


Rexburg, Idaho is a mid-sized rural community home to BYU-Idaho, a fast growing private university that has seen substantial increases in admitted attendance in the past 5 years. The campus is primarily a walk-in campus with limited parking which requires many students to walk to campus rather than drive.  For this reason, available properties and lots in close proximity to campus are at a premium for students and are currently in high demand. Located less than .3 of a mile from campus, there is an empty lot with the ideal location to construct a new apartment complex. The location is approximately 365 West 4th South in Rexburg.

Pro Forma Analysis: 

After a full-depth appraisal of the land and a study of current student needs, trends, and expectations, the following pro forma forecast was created, with a suggested layout plan. All assumptions made to construct the forecast were made with careful consideration to the unusual and somewhat anomalous nature of Rexburg, Idaho. Occupancy rates, rents, number of semesters, and all maintenance expenses are consistent with comparable apartments that are currently in operation. 

Cash Flow Analysis: 

We have constructed a reasonable free cash flows forecast from the current year extending to 2027 while taking into account depreciation, taxes, capital expenditures (including anticipated remodeling expenses), and all working capital amounts to give the investor the most accurate representation possible for the economic benefit of investing in this project.

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