Zoyo Yogurt

Location: South Jordan, UT

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Zoyo Yogurt is a frozen yogurt franchise that offers many different flavors of yogurt with a variety of toppings. Yogurt is a popular trend right now in the U.S., especially in the areas where a lot of college students live. This Zoyo Yogurt is located in South Jordan, Utah and it will be sold for an after-tax sum of $1,112,745 at the end of nine years.  The sale will result in a 55% annual return on the original investment of $80,000.

All financial statements are included in this model such as the pro forma income statement, the balance sheet, the assumptions of running Zoyo Yogurt, and the analysis of the cost of capital and internal rate of return. This financial model will allow you to input some of your own information into this model to project into the future different outcomes.  In order to lower the costs of the initial investment, we are leasing our building instead of owning the building and land.

We feel that the Excel model of Zoyo Yogurt’s forecasted financial statements and other key data has successfully proved that this business model has a lot of potential for high returns. Weighted average cost of capital is 7.73% and the internal rate of return is 7.73%; this helps to give us exact targets to be within on our forecasted financial statements. We know that this business would be successful and it is very likely Zoyo Yogurt will continue to be successful in the future.

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