Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop

Location: Boise, ID


Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop is located in a busy area that is experiencing heavy residential and commercial growth.  Listed for only $90,000, the flower shop provides an easily funded opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial heart to achieve their dreams without incurring an insurmountable amount of debt.  

The attached spreadsheet model includes a thorough financial analysis.  This model provides a comprehensive understanding of Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop’s expected growth for the next 10 years.   This growth is displayed on both an income statement and balance sheet. Included in this model is a break-even analysis according to our pro forma statements.  Our model also helps calculate the weighted average cost of capital, the net present value of future free cash flows, and the expected internal rate of return. This model is also easy to customize based on differing expectations, forecasts, and predictions.

Based on our predictions, Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop can expect a solid annual revenue increase of 10% or more.  Its weighted average cost of capital is 10.31%. However, its internal rate of return is 43.39%. Because the internal rate of return is so much higher than the weighted average cost of capital, it suggests that it can easily turn debt into profit.

With a listing price of only $90,000, Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop is an attractive business venture with an established clientele that is expected to grow in the foreseeable future.  Since Boise is Idaho’s capital city, it is an attractive location for residents and other businesses, whose growth only further cements Boise’s Oldest Flower Shop as an established business that easily captures their respective market.

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