The Battery Guy

Location: Idaho Falls, ID


The Battery Guy is a company located in Idaho Falls, ID. It specializes in utility size battery sales and repairs as well as heavy loading equipment rentals. In the attached spreadsheet is a detailed analysis of the financial outlook of the company over the next ten years. The analysis includes an in-depth income statement and balance sheet. It also includes a positive and negative market situation outcome. The Battery Guy is currently listed for sale on for $1.3 million. 

In the models that we designed, the company would have a weighted average cost of capital and internal rate of return between 7% and 7.4%. The bottom line calculations suggest that the price of $1.3 million is an accurate representation of the value of the business. The land and building are situated in an excellent location in Idaho Falls. The solid goodwill of the company, including the strong base of loyal customers that have supported the business for 20 years, strengthens and smooths the transition of ownership. 

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