Eagle Mills Cider Mill

Location: Broadalbin, NY


This spreadsheet models some critical information when looking at this unique company in Broadalbin, NY. Eagle Mills Cider Mill is currently for sale at $750,000. This place is a recreational area full of historic bridges, train rides, gem mining, and lots of family fun activities. This tucked-away retreat for families has a wide variety of activities in a great location. We created a model that makes it possible to change a variety of inputs in order to come to a conclusion based on actual numbers. Our model currently shows estimates and forecasted numbers. With this company currently for sale, we looked at two different computations based on our forecasted WACC of 15.22%.

The model includes a income statement and balance sheet that has numbers based on similar recreational places in the area and around the United States. With the current forecasted numbers, we can see that the asking price of $750,000 is high. It is not a reasonable amount based on the size, income, goodwill, and expected value in the future. One suggestion based on our computations is looking at the debt to equity ratio. The amount of debt for the land and buildings could be too high based on the current revenue of the company. Looking at the following spreadsheets, we can see that there are a few options that Eagle Mills Cider Mill should look at to figure out the best options when looking to sell their company.