Squeegee Squad

Location: NW Arkansas


The window cleaning industry is comprised of mom & pop shops, one man operations, and only a few predominant players in the industry. The three main window cleaning niches in the market right now are:

  1. Commercial Storefront
  2. Residential
  3. Commercial Corporate & High Rise

Squeegee Squad is one of the few companies in the window cleaning industry built around all three niches while specializing on the two most profitable niches—Residential and Commercial. 

The attached spreadsheet model is for a Squeegee Squad franchise located in Northwest Arkansas with an expected profit of $377,903 based on the company’s assumption of $1.00 per person for the population in Northwest Arkansas (377,903 persons). This model includes an income statement and balance sheet for the business, based on industry averages and market assumptions, as well as an analysis of the cost of capital, the internal rate of return, and associated cash flows for the next ten years.

Based on industry averages and other market assumptions, we value this franchise to have a weighted average cost of capital of 8.73% and an internal rate of return of 8.82% making the Squeegee Squad a desired investment—holding all assumptions in our forecast to be true.