Bears Inn

Location: Evergreen, CO


The  attached spreadsheet is a forecast for Bears Inn, located in Evergreen, CO, and listed at $849,000. Bears Inn is a bed and breakfast that has been in service since 1928. Bears Inn has 11 stunning guest rooms and a cabin that can accommodate four people. The average room fee for Bears Inn is $200 for a 1-night stay. The company also provides event planning for weddings and reunions. The Bears Inn operation varies depending on the seasons and tourist demand due to its proximity to national parks, recreational areas, and ski resorts. The bed and breakfast is run by the owner and trusted and trained employees.

During the research, it was forecasted that the company will continue to do well despite some difficult years due to the unpredictability of the weather in the Rocky Mountains and other potential risks. One option for improvement is renovating the kitchen and bathroom in the cabin and the bathrooms in the main building. Doing this would improve customer satisfaction and bring more customers to the establishment.

The data provided is based on research and estimates found through research in the bed and breakfast chains across the United States.