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About our Projects

The StudentAnalyst project began in 2012 with the idea that students love to give community service. With their busy schedules, the ability to maximize the value of their donated time is difficult, because finding those who can use their skills takes effort and resources outside their reach.

Using the internet to crowd-source their desire to serve, StudentAnalyst was created by a university professor to provide a public forum to meet a market need for businesses listed either for sale or as needing funding.  The goal was to meet their need through generous students, and to make student homework something more.  Added to the value of the relationship is the increased learning that occurs when students have real clients in a project-based problem where all of the integrated skills of a particular class or set of classes may be combined to meet a complex need.

Several hundred students and over 100 projects later, StudentAnalyst is still working to pair the business community needs with the university community needs, and business interest in student development with student interest in community development and service.