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There are two types of projects on

  • A Market Based Analysis, where no confidential financial information of the company is used in the financial modeling, and no non-public information is used by the student team. This is the most common model generated by student teams.  Using public market data for the region where the business is located and public information on the website of the business, the teams generate a revenue-model-based analysis with variable inputs and no private financial information of the company.  The inputs include local population, statistical purchase and consumption data, real estate and construction cost data, and other public information inputs.  A forecast is created for your company and its related financial computations and analysis, with variable inputs that may be adjusted by potential users, based on certain input variables.  Student teams create and post these types of analyses independent of the business soliciting the analysis to practice their skills and to provide general community service in the area where the business is located or the industry of the business.
  • A Financial Data Based Analysis, where the company provides financial reports, either in detail or in summary, that are approved for public release, and are used by the student team in creating an in depth financial analysis of the company.  These analysis projects may also use the data of a Market Based Analysis, and may be requested to justify a particular price for the business.

To request a project for your business, simply send an email to specifying the type of project you would like and a contact name and email address. You will then be contacted by an assigned student team about the preparation of your project.